Smart Business Doctor Solutions & Services

Tax, Wealth & Asset Preservation

Smart Business Doctor can help guide you on keeping your taxes low, securing your wealth, and protecting your assets for your goals and the future.

Protect Your Legacy & Future

Tax, Wealth, and Asset Preservation includes making sure you and your business are covered with proper insurance coverages, making sure your corporate entity is the correct entity for your future goals, succession planning for passing along your business or selling your business, making sure you are protected from possible liability, protecting your assets, real estate by trusts and wills and shareholder agreements.

"Bottom line, Smart Business Doctor probably kept me from BIG TROUBLE, or saved me from multi-million dollar lawsuits, my business was totally out of control, I had so much liability exposure and I was running scared that I would never be able to get my arms around my problems. I had no systems in place and what money I was making, was totally, by mistake. Jeff, the Project Director taught me how to be a businessman, taught me how to take control of my business, taught me how to manage. Without him, who knows where I would be today. Smart Business Doctor is not cheap, but worth every penny I paid, and I receive a return on my dollar spent, every day."
Shawn B.
Buffalo, NY

Making sure the flow of your revenue funnels through legal channels to minimize tax exposure. Keeping taxes low, through proper tax planning, creates an enormous amount of savings, that is much easier than driving sales to produce the same in bottom line profit to the company.