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Restaurant Symptomatic Challenges

The highest rate of business failure in any industry, is in the Restaurant and Food Industry.

The three (3) main reasons for restaurant failures are related to poor cash controls, poor food cost control and inventory control and over all marginal service to the customers.

Restaurants require an incredible amount of accountability structure to prevent profit leaks.

Our experts, at Smart Business Doctor, will diagnose, discover and then implement all the necessary changes needed for a successful restaurant and food service operation.

  • What type of upselling program to have in place for wait staff and host/hostesses?
  • Do you know what your accurate empty place costs are?
  • Do you know your accurate empty seat costs?
  • Do you calculate your table turnover rate?
  • Are you tracking waste, spoilage and shrinkage accurately, and is it calculated back into food costs?
  • What type of incentive program do you have in place for your wait staff to sell higher profit items on your menu?
  • How do you manage your overall food cost control?
"Bottom line, Smart Business Doctor probably kept me from BIG TROUBLE, or saved me from multi-million dollar lawsuits, my business was totally out of control, I had so much liability exposure and I was running scared that I would never be able to get my arms around my problems. I had no systems in place and what money I was making, was totally, by mistake. Jeff, the Project Director taught me how to be a businessman, taught me how to take control of my business, taught me how to manage. Without him, who knows where I would be today. Smart Business Doctor is not cheap, but worth every penny I paid, and I receive a return on my dollar spent, every day."
Shawn B.
Buffalo, NY
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