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Free Consultation

Let’s determine how we can best help you.

The First Step in Our Process

Get an Accurate Diagnosis and Move on to Treatment

Like all business owners, your aim is to achieve greater success—to take your company to the next level and experience sustainable growth.

The trouble is there’s something standing in your way. Even if you’ve uncovered the single biggest challenge within your company, you don’t know how to address it. You don’t know how to take your company and turn it into the smooth-running operation you want it to be. And with each passing day, you grow more and more discouraged, feeling as though you’ll never see your company truly succeed…

This isn’t how you should be feeling. You should be optimistic about the future and the direction in which your company is headed.

You’re a visionary with amazing goals for your business. And you deserve to see it grow and thrive.

The good news is that success isn’t out of reach. In fact, it may be closer than you think…

You just need help to evaluate your business health and get an accurate diagnosis so you can move on to treatment.

The Key to Success | Evaluate Your Business Health

At Smart Business Doctor, we know how discouraging it is when attempts to move your company forward haven’t yielded the results for which you’d hoped. It’s a common problem, and one we’ve seen countless times before. We’ve worked with dozens of business owners in a variety of industries—from construction to healthcare—who initially came to us feeling just as discouraged and concerned as you do now.

Chances are you’re asking yourself questions such as…

  • How do I grow my company?
  • How do I correct existing issues?
  • How do I improve my quality of life?

Rest assured, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately, questions like these aren’t easily answered—not unless you get help to evaluate your business health. That’s why we take a medical approach to working with our clients so we can help them solve their business problems.

When you don’t feel well and start exhibiting physical symptoms, you schedule an appointment with your physician so you can get a diagnosis and determine if he or she can treat your condition. That’s what we do at Smart Business Doctor—evaluate your business health, provide a diagnosis, and determine if we can offer any positive assistance to your company.

When you’re able to get an accurate diagnosis, you can then move on to treatment—specifically, identifying what changes you need to make for greater growth and success.

“When Smart Business Doctor first conducted the ‘Business Assessment’ I really did not think my business had very many problems, once I saw, the type of tools I was missing to track my financial status, it was a real eye opener as to, how far off track my business was.”

Larry & Sylvia M., New Jersey

We believe that business owners like you deserve to be successful. And we want to help by providing you with the advice and insight you need to overcome the obstacles in your way.

That’s why we use a 3-step process to turn your company into the smooth-running operation you want it to be, and it all begins with a free consultation.

Here's What to Do...

Step 1: Complete and Submit the Form.

This form allows us to learn a little bit about your company before meeting for your free consultation. It includes standard information such as contact details and company size, so it should take less than 3 minutes to fill out. We know how precious your time is!

If you aren’t sure which area of your business you’re struggling with, we encourage you to take our free quiz HERE. Otherwise, select the area you believe needs the most improvement. 

Step 2: Schedule Your Free Consultation.

Once your form has been submitted, you can expect an email notification that your request has been received. A member of our team will then reach out to schedule your consultation. 

We strive to respond to consultation requests as quickly as possible for your convenience, so you can look forward to receiving an email to schedule your consultation within 24 hours. 

Step 3: Improve Your Business Health.

After meeting with Smart Business Doctor for your free consultation, you’ll have a clear understanding of your business health. This is key, as knowing why your company isn’t thriving and where your greatest issue lies makes it easier to develop a treatment plan.

What You Can Expect from Your Consultation

By taking part in a consultation with Smart Business Doctor, you can look forward to…

  • Getting an accurate diagnosis
  • Gaining deeper insight into existing issues
  • Receiving expert advice on next steps

…all of which will put you in a better position to achieve greater growth and success in your company!

Given that this initial consultation is free, it’s the most cost-effective way to evaluate your business health and figure out where to go next. Further, there are no strings attached! If we determine that we can provide any positive assistance to your company, we’ll talk about next steps.

You’ve felt discouraged and concerned about the state of your company for far too long. Instead of continuing this way, get the help you need to evaluate your business health and move on to treatment.

Why let existing issues hold you back?

Why let growth come to a standstill?

Why let your goals go unreached?

Instead, let our business analysis experts evaluate your business health so you can stop feeling discouraged and start feeling optimistic about your company’s future.

You’ve put a tremendous amount of time and effort into your company. You should be able to see it grow and thrive.

You deserve to watch your company succeeds beyond your wildest expectations.

“When we considered bringing on Smart Business Doctor for advice, I was not quite sure that we could improve the bottom line at all. I was very worried about employee morale. I did not want to let any employees go or compromise are good status and great reputation. The management quickly saw issues from a different point of view. We would have never thought of these remedies. We are now able to continue as before, but with a much better profit margin.”

Kelly, Maryland