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Profit & Expense Control

The most effective way to engineer profitability is to understand your true costs of allocating the correct overhead to your product or services.

Engineering Profitability

Most business owners treat profit as a residual result, working hard all year long to bring in the most sales to pay the bills, then… HOPE and PRAY that at the end of the year there will be profits! This is called re-active profitability.

Smart Business Doctor treats PROFITS in a proactive way, not in a residual way. Not just hoping that something will be left over at year end. We treat PROFITS as the first line item of expense, whereby, profits are predictable and known on a daily basis– not just year end.

We believe profit should be engineered ahead of all other expenses and be considered the first expense to be set aside for the business owner to rely on each and every day, and NOT just at the end of the year.

My brothers and I were blown away by the (​take charge) approach to solve our productivity problems. The attention to detail by the Smart Business Doctor staff, was more than we could have ever expected. Even my job description was changed, and I am working in the business, contributing in a much better way. The greatest benefit we received is that because our labor costs are much lower, we are more competitive with our bids and we have started to pick up more work and more customers. On behalf of our entire family, we appreciate all you have done.

Billy O.

New Orleans

The other side of obtaining a strong and predictable profit is to have your business designed to manage and control cost and expenses. Once your expenses are controlled, along with profit planning, your high PROFITS can be realized.

In having the right formula for engineering pre-planned profit, it allows the business owner to take a much more aggressive role in the marketplace with pricing and volume sales that will put your competition on their knees.