Our three step


Discover   Diagnose   Implement

Our Process – How It Works

Take a New Approach to Improving Your Business Health

At Smart Business Doctor, we believe that you deserve to see your business succeed. That’s why we take a medical approach to solving your unique business problems and making your company healthy and lean. By working with our team, you can look forward to receiving expert advice and recommendations that are specific to your situation. Further, you can trust that Smart Business Doctor will operate with integrity and transparency, as we are committed to doing the right thing for each and every one of our clients. 

Here’s how our process works…


Discover – In this step we get an introduction to your business to determine if we can provide any positive assistance to your company.


Diagnose – Conduct a proprietary Business Assessment (similar to an annual physical) to identify any ailments your business may be suffering from.


Implement – Administer the professional cure or specialized prescription on-site and provide you with sustainable solutions.  

With help from the business analysis experts at Smart Business Doctor, you can learn how to improve your company’s health for greater growth and success. For additional information about our process, give us a call at 800-616-7382 or send an email to