Make The Workplace Improvements That Matter

Make The Workplace Improvements That Matter

One of the more abstract factors that business concerns itself with is worker productivity. People are not machines, meaning that you can’t treat them as such and eventually, if you insist on doing so, the quality of work you get in return will drop. After all, how can employee who’s been working for three days without sleep or food possibly be expected to continue?

This has put a renewed interest in employee welfare and trying to find ways to not only take care of employees but show they are valued. While many employees think this means offering perks like yoga/meditation classes, or team building activities, one of the most effective ways to take care of employees and keep productivity up is to emphasize the basics.

Air Quality

This is very easy to overlook as most businesses will look at whether heaters work in winter, and air conditioners work in the summer, and, as long as those conditions are met, call it a day. In truth, beyond just the temperature in the workplace, the quality of the air can have a very important, very fundamental effect on worker productivity.

After all, people require oxygen to breathe and live. For most employees, the air they breathe for most of the day is in the workplace. Ensuring good air quality can reduce an inability to focus, allergic reactions and even tiredness. If people are breathing poor air, this means their bodies aren’t operating at peak efficiency, and that means the work will be of similar quality.

Noise Control

Another area where employees often have concerns is the “soundscape.” Everyone is going to have different ideal audio situations. Some people prefer to work to music; other people prefer silence. Some like to hear the hustle and bustle of an active office, while others would prefer to feel more isolated.

Giving employees the ability to create their preferred soundscape is a very effective way to increase their ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. It’s another one of those abstract factors that can make a huge difference in how happy or unhappy an employee is at work.

Customizing The Workspace

Most people like things the way they want them. Everyone has a different computer “desktop” configuration, everyone has different apps on their phone, and everyone decorates their home in a different way to put their personal stamp on it.

The same holds in the workplace. If you have a space that a worker regularly works in, such as a cubicle or office, allow that worker some say in configuring and even decorating that workspace. As long as the personalization doesn’t impact anyone else—such as the arrangement of collectible action figures on top of a monitor—there’s no reason to forbid workers from adding a little personal flair.

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