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Inventory Control Project

Smart Business Doctor provides guidance to keep your inventory intact and protected from losses.

Protect Your Business Inventory

With the ability to automate key business operations there is the possibility to efficiently and accurately fulfil tasks such as managing stock levels, updating listings across all selling channels and processing orders which will, in turn, reduce expenses and maximize profitability.

Many business owners underestimate the huge impact that proper Inventory Control has on a business operation.

Inventory control alone can make the difference between realizing a profit or a loss in a business.

"My brothers and I were blown away by the (​take charge) approach to solve our productivity problems. The attention to detail by the Smart Business Doctor staff, was more than we could have ever expected. Even my job description was changed, and I am working in the business, contributing in a much better way. The greatest benefit we received is that because our labor costs are much lower, we are more competitive with our bids and we have started to pick up more work and more customers. On behalf of our entire family, we appreciate all you have done."
Billy O.
New Orleans

An inventory control system that is managed loosely, can be the down-fall of a company. Every item a business has in inventory should be protected with the same level of respect and security, as if actual cash dollar bills were hanging on each stock shelf.

Adequate and managed inventory levels have a direct impact on cash flow of the business and can place a company in jeopardy of having to borrow money and finance operations, because too much cash is tied up in poor inventory levels.

In addition, not accurately controlling your inventory, could lead to IRS audits, and if inventory levels do not match balance sheets, the IRS will assume you sold the inventory and never reported. They would fine you or prosecute for tax evasion.

Smart Business Doctor, LLC. identifies problems with your inventory control systems and knows how to implement corrective action to maintain a secure, accurate and efficient inventory system.