The Importance Of A Check-up

We’ve all received the same wise council, to go and get our annual physical at the Doctor.

Some estimates put our “importance” of this yearly event at 92% of Americans.  We know that our bodies don’t run the same all the time, and things can go wrong if we’re not aware of hidden issues or not paying attention to the right signals.  But, just because we assign a higher importance to it and know that we depend on our health, we don’t always listen to good advice. In the last US Census, only 73% of respondents indicated that we’re “likely” to see a doctor for our annual physical, and then only 12% of working adults actually did see our doctor. Subsequently, we may only do it as a last resort action and not early enough to ensure everything is operating smoothly and as intended.

These sad but true facts also carry over into our business life.  We want our companies to run at peak performance, and we actually depend on them to provide for our livelihood and long term well being. But, when was the last time your business had a thorough exam?  Not just a glimpse of the Financials at tax time. I’m talking about a “full physical”, looking at all aspects of the operation to ensure it’s running the way it should.

Here’s the good news.

There’s a company out there that cares about your business and its health, and their professional evaluation service is much more affordable than the recent average annual deductible for health-care plans.

Service, retail, construction, financial, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, warehouse...

Regardless of the business sector you’re in, we have the expertise to quickly and efficiently provide you with a diagnostic profile for the current state of your company.  We can tell you if there are areas of concern, and then work with you on a wellness plan that will get it back into good health. We can also help with a maintenance plan, to ensure the proper structure is in place to provide the timely feedback and preventative measures that will support continued success.

Sound interesting?

It’s easy and affordable, and now is a perfect time to get that check-up.

Your appointment for wellness is just a click away;



kurt zimmerman