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Home Furnishings Business Challenges

If you manage a home furnishings business, you know that this $115 billion sector is perhaps the most difficult retail environment in which to operate. The rise of online shopping, the increase in competition, and the difficulties in gaining access to capital have all likely had an impact on your business.

Additionally, regardless of your specialty,  you’ve no doubt noticed that margins are eroding and operational challenges exist at all levels…

Fortunately, the team at Smart Business Doctor is allocating special resources to address the unique challenges that the home furnishings industry faces. We’re committed to helping you improve the overall health of your business so you can better navigate the ever-changing landscape and achieve the success you deserve.15

Ask yourself…

·         Is your website proving effective at both selling and bringing people through the door?

·         Are your customers greeted professionally and offered help as opposed to a “hard sell”?

·         Are your salespeople trained on your entire product assortment? Do they have clearly delineated goals with regular performance reviews?

·         Are your advertising dollars adequate? Are you making the best media buys?

·         Do you have adequate access to capital for both operations and inventory finance?

·         If you are a distributor, is your merchandise competitive? Are your supply lines secure? Are your offerings unique enough to generate the margins needed to survive intense competition from much larger companies?

·         Are you fully prepared to reopen in the wake of COVID-19? 

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you owe it to your company to enlist the help of Smart Business Doctor so you can overcome these challenges.  

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