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Executive & CEO Coaching

Smart Business Doctor provides executive and CEO coaching through sessions and strategies to improve efficiency, productivity, and accountability in your business.

Improving Leadership Skills

Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client (who may be an individual or a group) with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development.

Business leaders who work with an executive coach can benefit by having an experienced accountability partner who assists them with effective leadership, optimal performance, and career advancement, as well as weaknesses and challenges. Executive/CEO coaching is a two-way relationship between the business owner/executive and the coach. It is future centric and works from the position of conversation, using questioning techniques and deep listening, to increase the executive’s self-awareness and self-accomplishment in professional relationships, skills, ways of thinking, and being.

Coaching can be an integral part of a learning organization. In a fast-paced environment, high performing individuals are expected to have keen technical skills and exhibit strong leadership, ownership, and accountability behaviors. When business leaders drive performance from leadership, ownership, and accountability, they are better positioned to make decisions, interact with and lead teams, and provide world-class customer service.

"When we considered bringing on Smart Business Doctor for advice, I was not quite sure that we could improve the bottom line at all. I was very worried about employee morale. I did not want to let any employees go or compromise are good status and great reputation. The management quickly saw issues from a different point of view. We would have never thought of these remedies. We are now able to continue as before, but with a much better profit margin."

We at Smart Business Doctor, LLC. believe that business owners grow their businesses, year in and year out, and simply adjust to the growth the best they know how, however, in many ways, they…”shoot from the hip”…when it comes to true leadership. Managing a company that may now be double the size from 10 years ago means that you, as the business owner, may not have been taught and trained on how to provide the type of leadership skills that is required with a more sizeable company, with many more employees.

Lack of strong leadership can be costly to a company. Very often the last person to recognize the need… is the business owner.