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Automotive Business Challenges

Issues of trust, loyalty and customer retention have plagued dealerships for decades. At Smart Business Doctor we have experience working with dealerships to understand the importance of creating an environment that leads to trust and high volume of transactions.

With an innovative team of marketers, we are well equipped for the drive ahead. Through dynamic social strategies to proven retention solutions, we understand what is needed to capture today’s consumer.

These are the most common challenges we have experienced in the industry:

  • Are you tracking your absorption rate from back end of the business to front end?
  • Are you tracking your technicians’ productivity?
  • Do you have adequate floor plan funding?
  • Is your dealership out of trust?
  • Do you believe the solutions presented in your “20” Group are adequate for your own operations, and have you improved your position in the group?
"My brothers and I were blown away by the (​take charge) approach to solve our productivity problems. The attention to detail by the Smart Business Doctor staff, was more than we could have ever expected. Even my job description was changed, and I am working in the business, contributing in a much better way. The greatest benefit we received is that because our labor costs are much lower, we are more competitive with our bids and we have started to pick up more work and more customers. On behalf of our entire family, we appreciate all you have done."
Billy O.
New Orleans
Industries We Serve

Smart Business Doctor serves a wide variety of industries and offers a range of Engineering Solutions for each.