Step Two

Business Assessment

A business assessment should be a requirement of any business plan.

The Second Step in Our Process

A Business Assessment should be a requirement in all businesses. Understanding and knowing the true health of your company is critical to its future. Much like any person having an annual medical physical performed by their Doctor… a business must have an annual physical to determine its quality and health.

The Business Assessment is a confidential and comprehensive analysis of your business. The assessment is, by design, engineered to determine what is working and what is NOT working in your business, what impact it is having on your business, and what must be done to correct any problems (ailments) that exist.

At the conclusion of a Business Assessment, our highly experienced and trained Business Analyst will make recommendations to the business owner (much like a Doctor would do for a patient) as to what corrective action (prescription) would be necessary to improve profits, grow the business, and provide a better quality of life to the business owner.

The Business Assessment is conducted on-site with you in your business, and can take up to three days.  Our Business Analyst comes to you.

During COVID-19, we recognize that may not be practical or even possible.  However, now more than ever, you may need our help.  Because of this, we have designed a Virtual Business Assessment.  

Let’s get through this together.

Our Surgical Process to a Healthy Company

We at Smart Business Doctor, LLC. take a type of medical approach to solving business problems.  

If you think of it – your business has all the same components as your body, with complex systems and moving parts that all need attention, either by a general practitioner or a specialist.  

But who do you need for what?  

That’s where the assessment comes in.  Consider our Business Analyst, your General Practitioner.  They will assess, and make recommendations for the specialists, prescriptions, and plans of action you may require to achieve optimal health and wellness.

The Process is (3) three steps.  When do you want to get started?


We offer a free confidential consultation with a business expert. This will help you determine if we can provide any positive assistance to the current and future health of your company. Currently we are assessing recovery options, action plans and reopening protocols stemming from the effects of COVID-19.


We conduct a confidential proprietary Business Assessment of your company-- similar to what a medical doctor would conduct on a patient with an annual physical, to determine what ailments your business may have. We have modified our assessment to be able to conduct a "Virtual Assessment" at this time.


If you and Smart Business Doctor, LLC. determine that a professional cure or specialized prescription to your business will assist in making your business a healthy, efficient, and profitable company, then we will implement on site and deliver sustainable solutions.

Smart Business Questions

Every business owner wants to succeed. Here are the most common questions we have found that are keeping them awake at night:

How can I hold employees accountable?

• Can't find good employees
• They don't do what they're told
• They waste too much time
• You feel they act entitled

Why don't I have more sales and profits?

• I'm the only rainmaker in the company
• Too many eggs in one basket
• Losing too many sales to competition
• Marketing isn't producing results
• Sales personnel not meeting expectations

Why are my expenses so incredibly high?

• Profit is always too low
• My costs are out of control
• Takes too long to break even
• Job bids & estimates are unreliable
• P&L shows more money than my checkbook

How can I gain more financial freedom?

• Can't afford to retire
• No financial cushion
• Unrealized dreams
• Paying too much tax
• How do I plan for the business' future?

What can I do to improve my quality of life?

• Working too many hours
• Missing family activities
• No building family memories
• Can't be involved in community
• No time for hobbies

Your business success is our success.

We're experts at these questions and have the solutions needed to work together and solve these problems. Get a free consultation today.

Industries We Serve

Smart Business Doctor serves a wide variety of industries and offers a range of Engineering Solutions for each.