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An annual business assessment is crucial to your company’s health.

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At Smart Business Doctor, we believe you deserve to see your business succeed. That’s why we take a medical approach to solving your unique business problems and making your company healthy and lean.

How Our Process Works…




Discover Opportunities for Improvement with a Confidential Business Assessment

Let our experts conduct an in-depth, 5-part physical (either virtually or in person) to identify any ailments your business may be suffering from.

Explore company history.

Tell us about your business.

Just like the annual physical you get at your doctor’s office, our proprietary business assessment starts with an overview of your company’s history. During this initial stage, we’ll spend a few hours getting to know your business, discussing the challenges you face, and learning about any concerns you have regarding your company’s future.

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Analyze financial documents.

Let’s look at your finances.

At this stage, we’ll collect 4 years of balance sheets, income statements, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. We’ll then put your financial documents into an analysis platform and compile them into a concise report. As we review this report together, you’ll get a better sense of what to do to increase profitability.

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Interview key employees.

Learn what your team really thinks.

To get feedback on the goings-on at your company, we’ll have you identify 3 key employees so we can conduct interviews with them. Additionally, we’ll gather all of your employees to fill out questionnaires about the company. If other members of your team want to talk privately, we’ll schedule interviews with them as well.

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Conduct management assessment.

Reflect on your role and business.

This stage of the business assessment is designed to get you thinking about your company as a whole. We’ll provide you with a 7-page document to complete that evening. Your homework will be to answer questions about factors such as leadership, organization, profit expenses, sales and marketing, tax planning, and succession.

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Review preliminary findings.

Discover what needs to change.

The last stage of the business assessment is when we’ll discuss your company’s ailments and offer a diagnosis. Together we’ll go through your financial report, look at your company’s profitability, and evaluate your employees’ feedback. After reviewing the findings, our analyst will make recommendations as to what kind of prescription your company needs.

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To move your company forward, you need to start by discovering its true health. We can help.

It’s time for a proper diagnosis.

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