5 Signs You Work Too Hard (And A Few Solutions)

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5 Signs You Work Too Hard (And A Few Solutions)

It’s good to care about the work you do.  It shows dedication, commitment, and a desire to do the best you can.  However, you can also work too hard and stress yourself out.  Stress can ruin your life and cut down your efficiency to the point where you might do half as much good work over twice as many working hours.  You might even burn out and leave your profession altogether.  Before that happens, check for these warning signs and address them as soon as you can.

  1. Not Enough Sleep, Too Much Fatigue

Both your body and your mind need seven to eight hours of rest every single day.  Sleeping less gives you more time to do things, but an exhausted mind can’t work as fast or effectively.  Always line up a full sleeping period each day, and if you still feel tired you should take a break of around 15-20 minutes for every hour of work you put in.

  1. You’re Battling Depression

Depression can have many causes, and one of them happens to be long workdays with no end in sight.  If you can’t cut down your hours for whatever reason, try practicing meditation.  The goal of meditation is to calm your mind and only think about the present, and it can be effective in fighting depression.

  1. Your Relaxation Is Alcohol Or Drugs

Of all the possible ways to relieve stress, alcohol and other drugs may be the worst options around.  However, people use them because they act fast and deliver real results.  Unfortunately, these results are harder to reach each time and can eventually lead down a very dark path.  Instead, try relaxing with a less dangerous hobby like listening to music, watching movies, or reading books.

  1. You’re Getting Nowhere At Work

When fatigue and stress have frazzled your brain, it’s much harder to think straight and figure out what should be an easy solution or an obvious way forward.  This is why people say to work smarter and not harder.  This is another reason to take breaks and get plenty of sleep, and if you’re still overwhelmed you should create a to-do list that sets out everything you need to do and the best order to do it in.

  1. Your Relationships Are Suffering

When you focus all your attention on work, it’s hard to pay any attention to the other important things in your life.  This includes your relationships with your family, your friends, and your coworkers.  In fact, focusing more on work than on coworkers can make your job much harder than it has to be.  To avoid this, budget some time for group recreation and don’t forget to socialize at work.

Working hard can make you more productive, but working too hard can drag you down and burn you out.  Be careful about how much you work and think about working, because a healthy life balance will make your work time that much more productive.  For more ideas on how a medical approach can help your business productivity, contact Smart Business Doctor today.

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