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Combat the Effects of COVID 19 on Your Business Health

A Message from our ceo about covid-19 and recovery

These are challenging times.  Let us help you through them.  Click to Read the Full Message HERE.

Smart Business Questions

Every business owner wants to succeed. Here are the most common questions we have found that are keeping them awake at night:


  • Do you have a high employee turnover rate?
  • Do your employees act entitled?
  • Is there a lack of accountability among your staff?
  • Do your employees struggle with their responsibilities?

Your Sales and Profits

  • Are you losing too many sales to the competition?
  • Do your salespeople fail to meet their goals?
  • Has your primary client recently cut back?
  • Do you have a hard time bringing in qualified leads?


  • Do you find it difficult to cost out a job?
  • Are you unsure about material and/or labor costs?
  • Do your expenses keep rising while your prices remain the same?
  • Is there a lot of waste within your company?

your operations

  • Are you afraid to delegate?
  • Do you work too many hours?
  • Are you constantly putting out fires?
  • Is there disorganization within your company?


  • Do you fear you won’t be able to retire?
  • Is your business in serious jeopardy?
  • Are you paying too much tax?
  • Have you neglected to create a succession plan?

Get the help you need today.

  • Do you want to understand the true health of your company?
  • Do you want to correct the issues that currently exist?
  • Do you want to grow your business?
  • Do you want to improve your quality of life?

Our Surgical Process to a Healthy Company

We at Smart Business Doctor, LLC. provide a type of medical approach to solving business problems and making businesses healthy and lean. We provide a (3) three step process to making your business the best it can be.


We offer a free confidential consultation with a business expert. This will help you determine if we can provide any positive assistance to the current and future health of your company. Currently we are assessing recovery options, action plans and reopening protocols stemming from the effects of COVID-19.


We conduct a confidential proprietary Business Assessment of your company-- similar to what a medical doctor would conduct on a patient with an annual physical, to determine what ailments your business may have. We have modified our assessment to be able to conduct a "Virtual Assessment" at this time.


If you and Smart Business Doctor, LLC. determine that a professional cure or specialized prescription to your business will assist in making your business a healthy, efficient, and profitable company, then we will implement on site and deliver sustainable solutions.

Smart Business Solutions

Smart Business Doctor provides a large variety of professional business solutions to many different industries.

Profit & Expense Control

Learn how to control and utilize your company's profits and expenses.

Organization for Management

Learn how to be proactive and organized for smooth and profitable operations.

Productivity in Your Business

Learn how we tackle productivity issues head-on and improve productivity.

Management Accounting

Learn proper accounting methods and tools for good decision making.

Sales Planning & Control

Get ahead of the competition, lower your overhead, and improve sales.

Technology in Your Business

Increase your knowledge of technology stacks end-to-end.

Tax, Wealth & Asset Preservation

Learn how to keep taxes low, protect your wealth, and secure your future.

Executive & CEO Coaching

Improve efficiency, productivity, and accountability through strategy.

Inventory Control Project

Learn how to protect your inventory from losses and theft.

Succession Planning

Let us help you secure your legacy moving forward.

Business Assessment

Learn more about the Business Assessment process.


Learn more about our Support process.

Industries We Serve

Smart Business Doctor serves a wide variety of industries and offers a range of Engineering Solutions for each.


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